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Over the years our workshop has been part of specialist projects working closely with various TV and Film production teams including the BBC, Warner Bros, Mammoth Screen, ABC and several West End theatre companies. Our most recent project was restoring 36 (1920-1940) standard typewriters for Warner Brothers London.

Est. 2012

Charlie Foxtrot Typewriters

What started as a small business selling a few typewriters in Sydney Australia has now grown into an internationally recognised and celebrated Independent online Store. Read more about Our Story.

Preserving Technical Knowledge

Quality Restoration

We work with a small band of experienced typewriter engineers both in the UK and in Australia with 200 years experience between them. Industry trained with many leading Typewriter Brands including Remington, Olivetti, Olympia, Adler and Hermes.

Our Workshop Specialises in :

1920's-1970's Portable Typewriters

From glass top keys of the classic 1920's and 30's machines to the iconic curves of mid-centry models and right through to the bright retro colours of the late 1960's and 70's. Seeing these design details everyday is why we love what we do!

Careful Restoration

Looking After What We Have

Every machine that passes through the workshop is meticulously deep cleaned after years of neglect. We remove the rust, replace deteriorated rubber, repair what is worn, replace what is broken and adjust typing alignment, followed by a final wax, test and polish!

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Operation Mincemeat

Operation Mincemeat

We very much enjoyed seeing on the big screen the newly released Warner Bros film Operation Mincemeat with a lovely Imperial "Good Companion" No 1 ...

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Restored to New Life

Olivetti, Remington, Underwood, Hermes, Olympia, Imperial, Royal... Discover past models sold. If you have a particualr model in mind, contact us to be added to our waiting list.

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