Adam - 24th December

The delivery speed was fast, unexpectedly so. My typewriter (Lettera 32) arrived in great condition. As described on the website, my model did not come with a case. The folks at charliefoxtrotvintage enclosed one anyway, free of charge. This is my first typewriter, and the service provided from this company has been top notch, so I'm chuffed to bits. I highly recommend. Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas.


Susan - 17th November

Just wanted to say a massive thank you after doing my homework on typewriters for a while I came across your website . I ordered the beautiful WH Smith Red Fox typewriter for my 12 year old daughter who loves to write and wanted a typewriter to write her stories from Santa . The delivery was quick and efficient , I was so excited about the delivery I opened it to have a look. The way it was packaged was not just protective but also very cute with instructions and a lovely note that was typed on the typewriter giving tips on the use. In perfect working condition. So happy with my purchase.


Anne - 13th November

My Olympia and ribbons arrived here safely today, thank you very much and packaged up so beautifully. Bravo to UPS , he delivered to our front door up two flights of stairs. Thank you again so much. 


Clifford - 29th October 

Just to let you both know that the Hermes ordered for me, has arrived safe and sound, and to thank both of you for your exemplary service and for the important work you do. Thanks Philip, for the lovely letter that accompanied the Hermes. What an absolute pleasure to use! And it is in such excellent shape.


June - 1st October

A note of thanks . I ordered a Group 1 ribbon - received it yesterday, and installed it on my Imperial almost immediately. I've had a bash on the keys - a bit rusty on the touch typing after years of touch screen , but I'm so pleased. Thank you very much for your effort in identifying my typewriter and advising me on ribbon. Outstanding service. 


Armani - 28th August

I want to say a huge thank you for the delivery and effort you went to for my Mum's typewriter that was delivered so promptly. She was delighted with it . Thank you. 


Mike - 25th August

Unboxing of "Larry " - our new vintage typewriter kindly supplied by the excellent Charlie Foxtrot Vintage. I'm hoping that joining the typewriter revolution will do for my writing what purchasing a film camera did for my photography. Firstly great website , clean , simple and plenty of product pictures , backed up with an excellent phone support - I rang and asked all manner of novice questions and they were all answered with patience. Speedy shipping , it was here in 24 hours . Robust packing because we all know someone who knows a postman or baggage handler. A proper 10/10 for care and attention to detail. 


Chloe - 19th July

Hey, I just wanted to message and thank you so much ! I bought the yellow Silver Reed Silverette from you recently and I love it so much !! Thank you for all the effort you put in , it's really an amazing typewriter !! Thank you again for all you do !


Mary - 4th July

Oh my goodness I absolutely love my Silver Reed typewriter. It arrived very quickly and has already been put to good use. I have typed on embroidery linen, which it does beautifully, and am using it for labels, cards, letters and art projects. It is absolutely gorgeous and I have informed my grown-up children that it is an heirloom, which it most definitely is. I love it! I love that it's so easy to use, the type looks wonderful, the colour is perfect, it's neat and in fabulous condition.
Thank you very much for your help and efficiency.


Si - 1st July

This is my second typewriter from this company and the quality of their refurb work is outstanding. The first was a Royal O for my wife and my Olympia Traveller will be for short script writing and to potentially take it around places to inspire me. Just be quick to buy when things come available because they sell fast.


Anne - Marie  6th June

Thanks you so much Charlie Foxtrot for my Olympia typewriter - Faultless service, let the story begin ....


Steve   22nd April 2020

The Silver Reed is an inspiration to me. It's a beautiful machine and a joy to use. For those who write and have not tried writing on a well serviced machine like this then I recommend the experience. I am planning to write a screen play on it and my kinds absolutely love writing on it as well.


Liz   10th April 2020

My beautiful Olivetti has arrived. Yay! It's so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I adore it. Presented with a loverly typewritten note.  Perfection!


Sandra  5th April 2020

Note : posted letter typed on yellow paper.   Thankyou for your excellent service. I am very pleased with the Adler Tippa typewriter. It will give me a chance to express my creative writing and hopefully others can read it clearly. Keep up the good work. This is more enjoyable than using a laptop.


Naomi  25th March 2020

I thought you might like to know that my Olympia Monica has come in very useful for me to support my community during this time! I did not have a printer so turned to my typewriter to write notes to my neighbours in case they needed any help. I am still so grateful to you all at Charlie Foxtrot for my most prized possession :)

Stephen  19th March 2020

This Silver Reed is an inspiration to me. It's a beautiful machine, and a joy to use. For those who write, and have not tried writing on a well serviced machine like this, I recommend the experience. I am planning to write a screen play on it. And my kids absolutely love writing on it. 


Veronica.  10th March 2020

Thank you so much for the all the  support and help you’ve given me on my quest to find a typewriter. You have been so generous in sharing your huge breadth of knowledge on them, and endlessly  kind and patient in helping me through my slow process of choosing . When I did eventually come to a decision , it was with complete confidence, thanks to your great help.  It’s been such a pleasure to do business with you . 


Brenda  8th November

I have received my typewriter and am delighted with it - also how well packed it was, it has arrived in perfect condition.


Sue   6th November 2019

Wow! My parcel arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with the whole purchase & the process. The communication was perfect. The item is in great condition. The way the items were packaged was impeccable. A super touch to have a typed letter to me - so thoughtful. I paid top dollar for the item - and it was worth every penny. I could see great care was taken in the presentation and it is a super reflection of the business that you run. Spot on!

This is how businesses should operate. Well done and Wow!, - again!


Carole  30th October 2019 

Just to let you know my Chum portable " Chummy " arrived and I love typing on him . I have not stopped smiling since I unpacked it . Thankyou yet again for another wonderful machine.


Dino 13th October 2019

It’s one of the most splendid, indulgent purchases I’ve made in quite some time. It’s beautifully restored and is calling out to be a part of something. Thank you for the time and care you put into these marvelous tools of creativity. 


Amanda 19th September

I received my little Silver Reed typewriter today and I'm in love! I have bought it for my little 10year old daughter who has been asking for a typewriter for some time - 'not one of those that have Ipads attached, but a real proper typewriter mummy'.

She has decided to ask Father Christmas for a typewriter this year in her letter. She is going to be thrilled (I'm quite envious that it's hers!!)

May I also say, I really liked that you didn't use plastics in your packaging. I am ever so glad that I happened across your website, I did not want to purchase a new item that was mainly flimsy plastics components. Many thanks for this option that you provide, to bring an older item back into use is wonderful.

Thank you for your prompt delivery, and I'm sure my daughter will be delighted on Christmas morning so she can embark on her ambition of being a writer.


Emma 26th August

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my typewriter, it is beautiful and more than I could have expected.  I haven’t been able to get off it and am so glad I took the plunge and spent more money on a properly conditioned one.  The touches when it arrived just made it all the more sweeter and I hope you continue to keep up the good work!


Peter 20th August

Many thanks for prompt delivery of this lovely typewriter. It arrived right on time for my daughters 16th Birthday, she is an avid writer and loves her Tippa.


Tracy 28th July 

I just wanted to drop you a quick " Thank you ! " for the typewriter ribbon for my Olivetti Lettera 32 . Your video on the website was very helpful and I rewound the ribbon onto the original spools.


Jennifer 26th July 2019

I love my new typewriter. It's my favourite purchase this year. The sound of the tap, tap, tap is truely bliss and takes me back to my youth and the typing pool.


Theresa 14th June 2019

My son was very pleased with his purchase of the typewriter. Arrived in immaculate condition, obviously been well serviced. He's happy he chose your company for his typewriter. Speedy shipment too. Ten out of ten. 


Amanda 1st June 2019

 Hello, I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for the Olympia 1964 SM9 with Dutch keys that I purchased a couple of weeks ago, which arrived a few days ago. I couldn't let all your hard work go without recognition. It arrived so quickly to South Australia, and the package itself was in very good condition, especially as an international traveller, so I was very thankful. Opening the package to see the care and detail spent on safely packing the machine was astounding, and I would like to let you know that your attention to detail is very important to me as a buyer.

 It is a breeze to type with even as an absolute beginner with no prior experience. True workmanship and focus has been provided with its restoration and preparation. I would also like to commend you on your honesty and frankness in regards to describing the product and providing genuine, authentic photos on your website. I am also very pleased with the quality of the ink ribbons and the Olympia brush set I also purchased.

 Thank you again for you and your team's tireless effort, hard work and immense dedication, you have brought people's dreams to life, mine included. 


Tracey 13th May 2019

Received my Remington Home Portable today and am absolutely thrilled. It is truly an exquisite machine, skilfully restored and serviced. Despite being a 1937 model, she types beautifully and fluidly. I can not recommend this company highly enough, from the expertise of the staff, who at all times were extremely helpful and efficient with any query; to the absolutely exquisite items. Packaging was excellent and she arrived internationally without a mark. Faultless transaction from start to finish, will definitely purchase again.


Fiona  7th May 2019

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say my typewriter arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The website photos don't do it justice, it's a truly beautiful machine and I can't wait to start using it. I had it sitting out yesterday evening and couldn't stop looking at it and smiling. I'm thrilled it is now mine!

Thank you for your efficient service and my grateful thanks to you and your technicians on the amazing work you do restoring these lovely typewriters.


Stella  20th April 2019

Colette is beyond thrilled with her typewriter !! It was so beautifully packed and presented and has had everyone gasping in the family who has seen it . It's so stunningly stylish ! Many thanks again from all of us .


Paul  24th February 2019 

The typewriter you supplied was a present for my wife, who learned to type many years ago on a similar machine. She is absolutely delighted with it. It is beautifully restored and joy to both use and look at. It was extremely well packed and very quickly delivered.

All round your product and service are outstanding - we are very grateful, very pleased and very happy - thank you!


Carmen  27th January 

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful typewriter I purchased recently. I bought the Imperial 1960, The Good Companion 4 for my partner as a birthday gift, and it is so beautiful. It is set up so nicely, and I appreciate the attention to detail involved, such as the instructions in the envelope, an the typed letter thanking me for my purchase. These details were a wonderful surprise, and I am so happy with my purchase. My partner adores the typewriter, and it is so refreshing to type letters on. Thank you once again for a beautiful typewriter.


Gary  25th November

I just like to say a very big thank you for the care and attention to detail you provided when you sent out my daughter’s typewriter  ( Imperial No 1 ).
The little touches and consideration provided were well above and beyond.


Marni 24th November

The red & black ribbon you supplied is *fantastic* – the type really crisp & dark. Several of my correspondents feel taken back to happier times when reading my letters typed with Charles Foxtrot ribbons, the best one can buy online. Thank you as always for a great shopping experience!


Mandy 19th November 

Just a quick note to say I absolutely love the Underwood typewriter, really thrilled with it. It’s a real talking point with family and friends and no one can resist a quick tap on the keys! It’s very grounding and relaxing to type on.

 Amie 25th April

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing service you provided in shipping the lovely Olympia Splendid typewriter which was purchased from yourselves not long ago.

I used to have a typewriter when I was little (21 years ago) before I started school. Typing up all of my recipes since I've taken up cooking/baking etc. has given the recipes so much character. I'm unsure of my next project but can't tell you how pleased I am with my purchase and very surprised that it was in such good condition given its age and reasonably priced too .What more could you ask for!


Sorin 11th April 2018

The package arrived. It’s gorgeous. Congratulations for the attention you paid for every detail. You do a great job, bringing back to life such valuable products.

It has been a pleasure! Thank you!


Anne 16th March 2018

Hi Charlie Foxtrot,
I love my 70’s Silver Reed portable!
It was exactly as described, and in beautiful condition – hard to believe it’s 40-odd years old.
Excellent service too – would certainly recommend you.

Marni 9th March 2018

**BEST** typewriter ribbons one can buy.


Ray , 15th January 2018

Just a note about our recent purchase of a Silver Reed De Luxe typewriter. The typewriter was in excellent condition, very well packaged and the order process was quick and easy. The item was a 50th Birthday gift for one of our friends. It's safe to say that she is thrilled with it, and looking forward to rediscovering typing!

Thanks for supplying a special gift.

Matthew , 15th November  2017

Just received my typewriter for my granddaughter and to say I am pleased is a understatement . I have never known to order something on a Monday and receive it on a Wednesday with no shipping charge -- brilliant and the product was packed well and no damage . I hope my granddaughter appreciates this fantastic typewriter .Thank you so much for a brilliant service.

Olivier , 26th September  2017

Although I have never seen a quick brown fox jump over a lazy dog, I certainly saw this  new purple ribbon from Charlie Foxtrot jumping into my Olivetti Lettera 22. It fits beautifully , great products and service . Many thanks !  Olivier , Paris France

Caroline , 25th August 2017

The typewriter arrived in excellent condition (also well packaged !) . Certainly worth while paying a little extra to be sure you receive a product as described, in good condition and working order. Very pleased with my purchase.

Robert , 23rd August 2017

As someone who has recently rediscovered his enthusiasm for typewriters, you're always keen to meet anyone who has the same love for these machines as you do, and Charlie Foxtrot certainly fit the bill. No matter how big or small the purchase - typewriters or ribbons - they always give the same excellent service. I would highly recommend them.

Angus  , 28th July 2017

I just received the typewriter today and could not be happier with it. I am also very impressed with the amount of care that has gone into your service.The typewriter was securely packaged, arriving completely undamaged and in very good time. The personally addressed letter was a lovely touch too.I would recommend you guys highly and I will definitely be dealing with you again in future.


Ayse  , June 18th 2017

"I'm very pleased that I've found your company on the internet while searching for a reliable company with good offers. I wanted to buy a nice typewriter for my daughter's birthday which was today. I didn't have much time, since I did the purchase on Thursday and wanted it to be delivered on Friday during the office hours.

To make a decision, I had some questions in mind, Philip was there to answer quickly. Following my order, the parcel was dispatched fast with a very quick delivery service. My present arrived at my daughter's office safe & on time.

I appreciate a lot the whole procedure, before, during and after the purchasing. I was provided great service and perfect customer relations.

My daughter has found your facebook page which we also liked and loved your following sentence there:

'To promote the adoption of older technology to help slow the pace of life where true creativity , thinking and reflection produce better quality with less and where living in the now can again be enjoyed and valued.'

Thank you very much.

James  , May 8th 2017

This is just to say that the Imperial Good Companion No1 has arrived safely today with its Secretariate case in perfect order.Many thanks to you for an excellent service!


Tina March 3rd 2017

Excellent retro condition and a really beautiful typewriter. Loved the personal typed letter too � good commas and fast delivery. Many thanks!


Briony October 25th 2016

I just picked up my glorious Swissa Piccola from the post office! I can't remember the last time I was so excited to receive one of those 'you have a parcel' notes! I fell in love with the Piccola the instant I saw it on your web page, and that love has exponentially increased over the past hour- wherein I wrote more easefully and joyfully than I have in weeks. "Swissa" feels like a wonderful old friend already :) And I'm greatly inspired by the thought of those who used her before me.

Thank you so much. For the existence of Charlie Foxtrot, and for your keeping these beautiful machines alive, and loving them, too! I so appreciate what you do, your philosophy, and your excellent customer service.

Amelia 20th October 2016

When my 14 year old daughter specifically requested a fabulous Underwood typewriter for christmas I didn’t like my chances of finding one - let alone one in good working order within my price range. Then I happened upon your store and it was sitting there waiting for me! Thank you for the swift delivery, it arrived within days and your email updates with postage details were perfect. The typewriter is exactly as in the photos and currently hidden away. On Christmas Day I expect there will be a girl by the beach tapping away on her new/old Underwood typewriter with no iphone in sight and an enormous smile on her face!

Rauf September 26th 2016

Thank you for the Olivetti 22 typewriter. It is beautifully serviced and works
a charm. My kids are instant fans and have been typing on it fervently ever
since it arrived home.
Thank you so much. It's likely to be used well for decades and looks like
it'll last easily that long!
I look forward to long lazy hours on the weekends listening to vinyl and
typing on my new gadget.

Thank you for helping me slow down and enjoy more of life.

Michelle July 16th 2016

Thank you so much for the amazing typewriter we purchased from you. The
condition is incredible, given its age, and your customer service was
exceptional. It was so well packaged and received promptly.

Thank you once again for a beautiful product that will be cherished for many
years to come.

Lindsay Feb, 21 2016
Only purchasing a typewriter ribbon

I was only purchasing a typewriter ribbon but from the attention and service I received, I thought I must have been spending hundreds of dollars. Highly recommended.

Vivien Nov, 13 2015
Beautiful typewriter with fast shipping!

This was my first time ordering a product from Charlie Foxtrot. The delivery was exceptional and the typewriter I bought was in mint condition. Although the typewriter was a gift, I may now consider purchasing one for myself!

Maja van Dijk Sep, 22 2015
The Best Gift - and Product EVER!

I bought this typewriter as a birthday gift for my sister, as she's always wanted one. Since she's opened it, she's absolutely loving it! She can't believe (me neither) that it's a legitimate 'old school' typewriter which functions 100%. You've helped make a wish come true, thank you for your gorgeous product! Keep up the good work!

Melissa Mangano Aug, 27 2015
Typewriter Singer 750 & Black 802 series Phone

I am very happy with my purchases! Both items in perfect working condition and have excited everyone in the household. I will be keeping an eye on the website for future purchases as this would be great a gift idea!

Travis Crozier Aug, 07 2015
The 1940 Underwood

Beautifully presented and in fine working order, the 1940 Underwood has struck a beautiful chord as its keys tap away to a sweet tune. This piece is everything that we thought it would be and is a welcome addition to our house and our love of fine instruments. Great store, and lots to choose from, will be back again soon. Happy Days

Janine Stone Jul, 26 2015
Typewriter Royal Portable

We are extremely happy with our purchase. All our youngest daughter wanted for her 12th birthday was a 'olden day' typewriter. She was so excited when she opened it on her birthday, and I must say the computer and Ipad have hardly been touched since she got it. Im pretty sure every family member has received a typed letter in the mail in the past fortnight. Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service, we will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone. Regards Janine

Christine Tipping Jul, 06 2015

I have bought a few things from here and every time it has been a wonderful experience. They are so helpful and both times I have received personalised messages included with my purchase which I found a really lovely touch