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Servicing and Repairs -- If you already have a typewriter which you have perhaps recently found in the attic or acquired from a friend or relative and are wanting it serviced or repaired we recommend you contact Roy Lilly. We can do servicing at our workrooms but we do give priority to the work on the machines we offer on our website and so Roy will often be able to offer you a quicker turn around time. Roy is a typewriter engineer with 55 years experience and is based near Truro in Cornwall. You can send your typewriter to Roy or call in to see him. His contact phone number is 07774 244281.
Selling your Typewriter  -- If you have a typewriter that you are wishing to sell please email us a few small sized images so we can assess its condition . Please note we are only interested in buying manual portable typewriters . We don't deal in electric , electronic or heavy "standard " machines. 


Typewriter Ribbon Queries -- Please see our points on our " Typewriter Ribbon " section .