Typewriter Ribbons

If you are not sure which ribbon you need here are a few pointers and tips which may help :

For older machines which have their metal spools we would recommend rewinding new ribbon onto those spools . All typewriter ribbon for manual typewriters is standard , its just the plastic spools it comes on that can differ . So you can purchase any of the ribbons below , take it off the plastic spools it comes on and rewind onto your metal spools.
Plastic spools , but not sure ? Measure the diameter of the spools you currently have in your typewriter . If they are 5.5 cms across and have a hole size in the middle of 5 mm then you need a Group 1 . If they are 5 cms across with a centre hole size of 4 mm across then you need a Group 9. If you have an Olivetti typewriter you need a Group 4 .If you have smaller plastic spools as used on many Smith Corona's or spool tops that fit down over the ribbon such as on many Remington's then you need to rewind new ribbon onto those.
With many typewriter makers and many different models and designs , combined with takeovers , mergers , store group branding and the same models appearing under different names in different markets its not always easy to know which ribbon spool type you need . You can always drop us an email at philip@charliefoxtrotvintage.co.uk for help.