Typewriter Ribbons

If you are not sure which ribbon you require, then please find below some pointers and tips which may help:

Our top quality ribbons are all made in the USA and have a good level of ink. Available on either Universal spools or Group 9 TW1 spools.

Universal spools will fit most manual typewriters including Olympia, Olivetti, Adler, Blue Bird and Erika.

For brands such as Hermes, Silver Reed, Brother, Royal and earlier Underwood's and Smith Corona's you can use Universal spools or the Group 9 TW1 spools.

We also now stock the smaller Smith Corona TW15 spools for models such as the Calypso, Corsair, Skyriter, Ghia and Zephr.

For older machines that have metal spools, it is easy to wind a new ribbon onto those spools. You can purchase any of the ribbons below, take it off the plastic spools it comes on and just use the new ribbon only. If you need more information or seek guidance, you can always drop us an email at philip@charliefoxtrotvintage.co.uk for assistance.