About Us

 Back in 2012 we started selling our vintage and antique wares at Kirribilli market just next to the Sydney Harbour bridge ( yes that's right , down under ! ). We had a few typewriters amongst our old bakelite phones , letterpress blocks and vintage cameras and we noticed how excited and interested our young customers were in typing on these fabulous machines.

Since then we have gained a wealth of knowledge on restoring and servicing manual typewriters and have been very fortunate to know and work with a small band of experienced professional typewriter technicians. We have cleaned , repaired and restored literally hundreds and hundreds of portable manual typewriters and certainly enjoyed the journey.
So while Charlie Foxtrot carries on as before in Australia we returned in early 2017 to North Dorset in England to expand our typewriter restoration business . We now have two small groups of highly skilled and experienced typewriter technicians that we work with , one in the UK and one in Australia with over 150 years experience between them all.
We are passionate about what we do and get excited seeing our typewriters on the big screen when used in various dramas. It makes us happy that we are helping to get these wonderful old writing machines working again. We love the feedback from our customers and the joy our typewriters bring especially to the little people and how parents just can't believe their son or daughter want a vintage typewriter. We're not surprised , we hear it pretty well everyday ! We sell our typewriters to poets , journalists, screen writers, designers, collectors, artists, scrapbookers, and creative writers who just can't achieve the same quality of writing with digital technology . Also to those amongst us who are sick of computers and software upgrades and just want to write a nice letter !
We love to help our customers explore how the vintage analogue world can inspire and enhance a slower and better way of life and whether you are looking to aquire a piece of history , add to a collection , buy a beautiful gift for someone special or seeking creativity in your writing we invite you to our online store.
We sell restored, working manual typewriters across many brands and decades, typewriter ribbons and accessories.

Philip & Julie Chapman