Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil Brass + Refill Leads

£35.00 GBP

Kaweco has been producing all kinds of mechanical pencils since the beginning of the 20th century. The clutch pencil's became very popular in the 1950's due to the demand in technical drawing & industry. The Sketch Up series of clutch pencil is still used today as a reliable working tool for artisans, architects & artists.

This brass mechanical pencil comes ready with a 5.6mm graphite pencil lead and an integrated sharpener located inside the push button. Due to this in-built feature, the Sketch Up is easy to travel with for on the go mark making.

Formed from solid untreated brass, it develops it's own unique patina over time as it ages. It comes housed in a lovely nostalgic Kaweco tin and with 3 additional lead refills.

  • Mechanism: clutch pencil
  • Body material: high quality untreated brass
  • Dimensions: 10.3 cm
  • Refill Info: suitable to use with Kaweco 5.6mm graphite lead refills
  • Included: one 5.6mm graphite lead (5B grade) already inside the clutch pencil and one set of three pencil lead refills
  • Made in Germany: by Kaweco, first established in 1883

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"My Olivetti arrived a couple days ago. Got a chance to test it out and it works like a dream (you wouldn’t guess it was nearly half a century old). Thank you for including the original metal spools, it adds a great touch to the machine. Looking forward to adding another typewriter to the collection sometime soon..." - Jake

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