Typewriter , Underwood 315

Wonderful working Underwood 315  typewriter from the 1970's and made in Spain in a fabulous peacock blue and white two tone colour , with black keys and red tab key . This one has the standard elite sized font giving you 11 letters to the inch.

The Olivetti company bought out Underwood in the 1960's and so many Underwood typewriters appeared as rebranded Olivetti machines . This one is really an Olivetti Dora which was designed by Ettore Sottsass who also designed the Olivetti Valentine ,so there are a lot of similarities in style between the Dora and Valentine.

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned ,serviced, adjusted and tested . It is in full working order and is fitted with a new Group 4 ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on .

We can supply Group 4 typewriter ribbons from £5.95 each including postage. Available in plain black, red/black and a range of Universal ribbons in other colour options. 

This one types well and is in a very good condition with just a few light marks on the hard plastic body.

It comes with its original black vinyl case which is fully functional and has a handle to carry it around with and is in a fair condition for its age with a few marks mainly dome ink stains to the inside .

The typewriter measures 29 cm across by 33 cm deep and is 8.5 cm high . 

This is a very good working typewriter with a nice easy typing action  and is all ready to just take out of the box and start typing on .

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price   .