Smith Corona Skyriter

This is a lovely Smith Corona Skyriter typewriter in a good working order . It was made in the USA  in the 1950's  and has an all metal body in a military style taupe/grey colour with green keys ,space bar and carriage knobs and has the Smith Corona logo on the front and the Skyriter logo on the middle of the carriage.

 It's is in a good condition with only a few scratches and marks at the front corners and at the back from wear when the case hase been put on and taken off over the years . However the case is no longer around , but any satchel style bag would be fine to carry this Smith Corona around as its nice a small and compact  measuring  28 cms x 30 cms x 7 cms  .We also include a photo copy of an original instruction booklet.

This is a good working 1950's era typewriter in a compact size and a nice condition for its age  .