Group 1 Metal Original Ribbon Spools

Pair of original vintage Group 1 metal ribbon spools. For that totally original style and look these add the final touch for your manual typewriter.

A set of two metal empty spools for winding on your ribbon that will fit any manual typewriter that would normally take a Group 1 spool. This would include most Olympia, Adler, Erika, Blue Bird, Imperial Good Companion No's 3,5 and 7 ( not No's 1,2,4 and 6) and Triumph models.

Each spool has a diameter of the centre hole of 5mm. These spools are particularly good if you are wanting to regularly use different coloured ribbons in your typewriter as they can be used over and over again. The metal fixing at the centre of the spools will allow this without any problems whereas the fixing on plastic spools often breaks when putting on ribbon or taking it off multiple times.

This is a vintage product which will usually have minor age related signs of wear and can differ fractionally from the images.

Our price includes delivery anywhere in the UK.

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