Typewriter, 1971 Scheidegger Typomatic

  This 1971 Scheidegger Typomatic typewriter made in West Germany by Adler for the Swiss based Scheidegger typewriting schools which were started in 1947 by Willy Scheidegger and spread throughout Europe. You would sign up for a course and included in your fee was a typewriter such as this one. The Scheidegger schools lasted up until the late 1980's and their typewriters were supplied by Adler with this model being basically an Adler J4 model. It's in a good working order, types well and is in a nice condition with only a few very minor marks to the body on the ribbon cover and some minor discolouration to some of the keys. The typewriter is in a light grey colour with standard light creme keys and darker brown shift keys, space bar and carriage knobs. This one has the standard elite sized type face giving you 12 letters to the inch.

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned, serviced, adjusted and tested. It is in full working order and is fitted with a new top quality American made Universal ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on.

We can supply Universal typewriter ribbons from £6.95 each including postage. Available in plain black, red/black and a range of other colour options. 

The typewriter measures 30cm by 34cm by 12 cm high.It comes with its original black vinyl carry case which is functional but does have signs of wear on both the inside and outside. It does still have a reminder notice on the inside lid related to the typing school. We include a copy of an Adler instruction manual.

This is a good quality German Adler made typewriter in full working order and in a nice condition and ideal for anyone wanting to do serious typing. 

Delivery anywhere within the UK  is included in the price.