Typewriter, 1949 Empire Aristocrat

This Empire Aristocrat  typewriter was made in 1949 by the British Typewriter Co in West Bromwich , England who had a license from Paillard 's in Switzerland to make this design which mirrors the Hermes Baby typewriters  and has the traditional  metal body in a mid grey/olive colour with a fine crinkle finish and round black keys with white letters and numbers .It has the backspace and margin release highlighted in red and has the slightly larger  " Pica " sized font giving you 10 letters to the inch. Please note this machine can only use a single colour ribbon . You can't use a two tone ribbon on this one .

 It is in a good general condition for its age with just a few small marks to the paintwork , mainly at the front corners and some minor wear the a few of the key tops. The spools and ribbon are accessed by folding back the" gull wing  " metal covers .The Empire Aristocrat branding on the top left is in a lovely condition and it has the usual manufacturers details on the back and " Made in England " on the front edge. 

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned ,serviced, adjusted and tested . It is in full working order and is fitted with a new Group 9 ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on .

We can supply Group 9 typewriter ribbons from £4.95 each including postage. Available in plain black and a range of Universal ribbons in other plain colour options. A ribbon will last you a long time and to give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months . 

The typewriter measures 29 cms by 28 cms by 7 cms high and comes with a metal case that closes by fitting over the typewriter and has a handle that slides out. The case is also in a good functional condition with some small signs of wear and marks .

This is a lovely working industrial 1940's compact "ultra " portable typewriter in a nice condition that doesn't take up too much desk space .We also include a photo copy of an original instruction booklet .

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price.