New Red & Black Group 9 Typewriter Ribbon for Brother , Hermes ,Silver Reed, Royal, Earlier Underwoods and Smith Corona's

New red and black typewriter ribbon for Brother, Lemair , Silver Reed , Hermes , Chevron , Royal , Imperial Litton portables , earlier Smith Corona and earlier Underwood portables typewriters. It comes on two Group 9 plastic spools . These should drop into your portable manual machine . If you are not sure measure the diameter of the metal prong that the spools fit onto in your machine and check with the spool measurements below.

It's also a good idea to take a photo of the way the ribbon is threaded through the " ribbon throw " in the centre of the typewriter . You then have something to refer to when you have taken the old ribbon out and are trying to fit your new ribbon . To type in red you will need to use your " ribbon colour selector " on your typewriter . Please note that most typewriters have this feature , but not all do .

Our ribbons are 10 m long and the standard 1/2 inch width , with a good level of black and red ink in them. The Group 9 plastic spools that the ribbon comes on are 5 cms in diameter , with the central hole 4 mm in diameter .The ribbon passes from one spool to other by moving fractionally every time you type , and then returns back from the full spool to the empty one again   .This process can be repeated many times and for someone typing 40 hours a week in an office a ribbon would last around 3 months .

 The ribbon comes in a sealed plastic bag and as long as you keep it sealed and out of direct sunlight will be fine for a long period of time .

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price .