Typewriter, 1935 Remington Home Portable

 This lovely shiny black enamel Remington Home portable typewriter was made in England in 1935 from parts imported from the US . It's in full working order and in a  good condition. It has the traditional off white coloured keys with silver chrome surrounds and the letters and numbers in black  .The words " Remington  " and "Home Portable " can be seen on the top left and right in gold  . It has the wording above the carriage regarding that it was assembled in London from imported parts . It was made to a price to maintain competitiveness at the time so comes with only a left hand margin , has no bell and you cannot use a red and black ribbon with this model , only plain colours. This model has the slightly larger " Pica " sized font giving you 10 letters to the inch.

We have given it a clean , professional service , adjusted and tested it as well as fitting a new ribbon .  Group 1 typewriter ribbons can be purchased from many online suppliers or we can supply you with new ribbons when required . You would then rewind the new ribbon onto the existing metal spools. They generally cost around £4.95 including postage . However a ribbon will last you a long time . To give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would have lasted  them around three  months.

The typewriter measures 25 cms wide by 28 cms deep and 10 cms high . The enamel  paintwork is a very good original condition with just a few marks and signs of small touch ups . The typewriter  comes with a covered wooden case which is a good condition for its age . It has its original leather which does show signs of wear. The latch to close is sound and works well.

This is a fabulous looking 1930's vintage portable typewriter with its black enamel finish and it would make a wonderful display item as well as being ready to take out of the box and start typing on. We also include a copy of an original manual.

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price .

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