Typewriter , Olympia Traveller de Luxe S

 A lovely pale grey coloured Olympia Traveller de Luxe S typewriter with a striking charcoal coloured trim , keys and carriage knobs . Olympia was a German brand of typewriter that was known for their great quality and this was made in Yugoslavia during the 1970's.This model S has the pre set tabulator function for doing columns and has the slightly larger sized " pica " font giving you 10 letters to the inch.

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned , serviced , adjusted and tested . It is in full working order and fitted with a new Group 1 ribbon so it is ready to use ! 

We can supply Group 1 ribbons when required from £4.95 including postage . Available in plain black ,red/black and a range of Universal ribbons in other colour options. A ribbon will last you a long time and to give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months.

It's in a very good general condition with just a few small marks to the metal paintwork .It measures 31 cms by 30 cms by 8.5 cms high so is a nice compact portable model and has the Olympia and Traveller de Luxe logo's on the ribbon cover .

 It has a light creme coloured plastic case that fits over the top of the typewriter and clips in the front providing a handle for carrying it around. Again this is in a good functional condition with some very minor marks and discolouration in places .

We also include a photo copy of an original instruction booklet.

All in all this is a very nice Olympia which types well .

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price.


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