Typewriter, 1940 Remington Model 5

 This is a lovely charcoal black matt coloured Remington Model 5 portable typewriter made in the Canadian Remington factory in 1939/1940 and is in full working order and in a very good condition for its age. This model 5 has the wonderful "streamline " or curved design and this one has the slightly larger Pica sized font so types with 10 letters to the inch.

The keys are round and black with silver chrome surrounds and the letters and numbers are in an off white colour with the additional red coloured "self starter " or Tab key. The paintwork to the metal body has a very feint matt "crinkle " finish with only a few small marks and signs of wear, mainly low down at the left hand side and on the ribbon cover at the right hand side. The silver chrome work has a nice shine with some marks in places from wear over the years. It has its two original metal spools and the Remington logo at the centre at the back of the carriage as well as the lovely " British Empire Product " and Union Jack logo and the manufactures details on the back. 

We have given it a clean, professional service, adjusted and tested it as well as fitting a new top quality American made Universal TW38 ribbon, so its all ready for you to take out of the box and start typing on. We also include a photo copy of a Remington instruction manual.

We can supply Universal TW38 typewriter ribbons from £6.95 each including postage. Available in plain black, red/black and a range of Universal ribbons in other colour options. You would then just rewind the new ribbon onto the metal spools in the typewriter. 

 The carry case is in a good functional condition with just a few marks and signs of wear and some fading to the metal fixtures and some wear to the Remington World Service label on the inside of the lid. The metal clasps and the handle work well.

The typewriter measures 27 cm across by 30 cm deep and 12 cm high. 

This is a wonderful " Streamlined " Remington vintage typewriter.

Delivery anywhere within the UK is included in the price.

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