Typewriter, Mustard Yellow Silver Reed Silverette

 Lovely portable Silver Reed typewriter in full working order in a wonderful retro mustard yellow colour with black keys . This one was made in Japan in the 1970's by Silver Seiko and types very well .Please note this model only types one colour. You can't use a two colour ribbon such as Black/Red , but you can type in plain colours like black , blue or purple. This one has the slightly larger "pica" sized font giving you 10 letters to the inch.

This typewriter has been professionally cleaned ,serviced, adjusted and tested . It is in full working order and is fitted with a new Group 9 ribbon so its all ready for you to start typing on .

We can supply Group 9 typewriter ribbons from £5.95 each including postage. Available in plain black and other plain colours on Universal spools. 

The typewriter is in a very good general condition with just a few small marks to the paintwork mainly at the left side of the ribbon cover and back left corner. It comes with a black plastic case which fits on over the top of the typewriter. It  is also in a good functional condition with just some minor marks, scratches and some discolouration in places .The handle and clips work well . We also include a photo copy of an original instruction booklet .

This Silver Reed measures 28 cm x 30 cm and is 8 cm high  .This is a nice retro working typewriter in a great colour and is already to just take out of the box and start typing on . 

Our price includes the shipping anywhere within the UK.