Blue Bird

 This lovely Blue Bird portable typewriter was made in 1961 in West Germany by the makers of Torpedo typewriters who used the "Blue Bird " name for export.  Although Remington had taken over the company in the early 1930's , Torpedo typewriters had and still have amongst collectors a reputation for making wonderful machines . This one is in a metal two tone grey and blue colour , with silver chrome trim and has the Blue Bird logo on the carriage in silver and " Made in Western Germany " as well as on the back .It has mid grey coloured keys and darker grey space bar , shift keys and carriage knobs. This one has a very attractive font style which is in a "Pica' size so types with 10 letters to the inch.

This typewriter is in full working order and in a very good condition with just some very minor marks mainly one wear mark on the front left corner ( see image ). 

 This typewriter has been professionally cleaned, serviced, adjusted and tested. It is in full working order and fitted with a new black ribbon so it's ready for you to start typing! 

We can supply  Group 1 typewriter ribbons when required  at £4.95 each including postage and we have plain black , plain blue , plain purple and red/ black available. A ribbon will last you a long time and to give you an idea , in an office environment with someone using a typewriter professionally a ribbon would last them around 3 months .

It comes with a Blue Bird wooden carry case which has had a crack in the lid but has now been glued and patched and given a fresh coat of white paint on the inside and black paint on the outside . The typewriter clips into the base board and the handle and metal clasp to close both work well .We also include a photo copy of an original manual .

This is a very lovely German made and collectable working Blue Bird typewriter in a very nice overall condition with an easy and snapping typing action.   

Delivery anywhere within the UK  is included in the price  .

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